Commercial & Luxury Residential

A custom-built real estate browsing experience tailored around a fresh, new brand.

Sea Grove Realty

Branding, Web Development, UI & UX

Keeping the young agency's look fresh

We built a typographic logo with coloring and branding elements that invoke the coastal, breezy feel of the company’s name. Everything was designed to look airy, crisp and bright, making the brand approachable and proving it to be a very practical asset to help drive real estate sales.

A real estate platform built from the ground up

The best way to set Sea Grove apart was to make something different from your traditional, monotonous real estate website. To achieve this we built a fully custom-coded real estate platform to maximize visual appeal and create a stimulating user experience.

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Responsive Awareness

Nowadays people search for real estate listings heavily on mobile devices. An extra effort had to be made to keep the site light while maintaining functionality.