The hospital network lands a hall of fame talent

HCA East Florida

TV Commercial, Video Production, Writing, Creative


HCA showcased two of football’s all-time legends in their campaign to introduce Dan Marino as their spokesperson. The two South Florida icons are beloved household names complement HCA’s position as a healthcare leader. The commercial was scripted to play off their rapport and fun nature of Shula and Marino's long-lasting friendship to hoist the brand.

“Dan’s Jealous”

Dan Marino is in a setting that resembles a therapist office that soon unveils the larger-than-life Don Shula in his trophy-studded office. He’s jealous coach is playing favorites with HCA over him, so coach offers a solution.

“The Interview”

A sports show interview style was used to present the ways HCA the aspects of a great team, much to Dan’s shock. But, coach makes him come around.