Innovative Indoor Golf Training System

Building a sports tech brand from the ground up.

Home Course

Branding, Video, Web Design, Ecommerce, Event Planning

Golf Tech, Welcome Home

Golf simulators have been around for a few years, and until HomeCourse, there were hitting nets, and built-in simulator enclosures. It’s the first product of its kind that offers flexibility and easy installation while maximizing the simulator experience. Our branding efforts are geared towards establishing a tech feel and allowing the product to exist in a class of its own.

Video &

HomeCourse is a foreign concept to many people. The only way to effectively explain the product is with accurate visuals. We produced videos and photography throughout the prototyping process until the final product was complete to promote the product, explain it, and offer support for potential resellers.

E-Commerce Site and Content Creation

The base business model for HomeCourse is to sell direct to consumer, so we built the website and created content that identifies and organizes the key selling points of the product. The site is photo and video driven to maximize education while minimizing the need to read long copy.

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Social Media and Organic Growth

Organic growth for the product is being supported by continuous content creation for social media and media outreach.

PGA Show and Product Launch

HomeCourse’s website launched in conjunction with the PGA Show and was first made available for sale. Artisan produced and managed the Exhibit, which created a big splash with its first introduction to golf industry professionals.