Super Bowl LIV
is Coming to Miami

We are proud web development and marketing partners with the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.

Miami Super Bowl Host Committee

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The Super Bowl is coming to Miami in 2020 and the official website is designed to grow and scale over time. It’s designed to be a centralized point of information about the event for sponsors, partners, volunteers, officials, visitors and locals that are interested in the festivities coming to Miami.

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A Destination, Experience, and Rich Tradition Depicted in a Flexible Interface

The website supports full screen interaction on all devices. It includes tiered navigation and javascript functionality in order to enhance the user experience. The experience of the site has local flavor showcasing the city as a destination, as well as displaying Miami’s rich Super Bowl history with historic imagery and footage in a game-like interface.

Marketing Support

Artisan Media provides support to the committee with their marketing and public outreach, including graphic design, branding, animation and social media. We maintain a high aesthetic to maximize engagement and meet high expectations.