Yoga for Athletes

A new name, brand and website that combines yoga and training for elite athletes looking for a competitive edge.


Naming, Branding, Web Design, Web Development

The Name & Brand

The Yogalete name is an evident combination of “yoga” and “athlete”, making a person who achieves this level of training a “yogalete”. The visual identity represents motion, athleticism, balance and spirit in one solid logo. The branding as a whole refreshes what you would expect from athletic training, and brings the expertise of its founders and training staff to the forefront.

Web Design

The Yogalete website is sporty and sharp. Its use of space, angles and horizontal/vertical elements creates a dynamic feel that complements the brand.

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Telling the Brand Story

The website is all about people–the elite training staff and athletes. Use of photography as dynamic design elements as well as narrative in a very positive, inspiring setting was pivotal in telling the story of the Yogalete brand.